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Getting Started in Troop 564

Welcome to the Troop! Here are the basics that you should know

Written on undefined, February 25, 2023
  1. Participate in weekly meetings. Attendance is important. Contact your Patrol Leader if you are not able to attend.
  2. Share your ideas with your Patrol Leader and the other members of the Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC). The PLC, with the help of the Scoutmaster, plans Troop events based on what Scouts want to do: rank advancement workshops, merit badge activities, social activities, weekend campouts, community service, fundraising projects and long term/high adventure camps.
  3. Go camping! The Troop loves to camp! We camp up to 10 times per year – mostly on weekends with one full week in the summer. We encourage Scouts to learn how to sign up for camps.
  4. Use fundraisers to pay for campouts and other scouting activities. The troop sells popcorn, unit camp cards, fertilizer and holds other special events to raise money.
  5. Set personal goals toward rank advancement and completing Merit Badges. You will mostly be working at your own pace on these advancements. Sometimes the entire troop, patrol or some other group of Scouts will complete requirements together.
  6. Get to know the adult leaders. The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters are the ones who sign off on your rank advancements. Remember, your parents cannot sign rank advancements or merit badges – even if they are leaders!
  7. Sign up for Scoutmaster Conferences when you are ready to advance. Rank Advancement & Merit Badges are awarded at the quarterly Court of Honor ceremony.
  8. Do community service. This is required to earn rank advancement. You will have the opportunity to participate in Troop arranged projects or ones on your own.
  9. Encourage your parents to participate too! There are jobs big and small to fit anyone’s schedule!
  10. HAVE FUN! Troop 564 provides wonderful opportunities for you to try new and exciting things and make good friends along the way!