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Dues, Fees, Scout Account, and Fundraising

These things need to be done once you join Troop 564. (Dollar figures and dates subject to change)

Written on undefined, February 25, 2023


(may be prorated, if needed)

Scout National Dues: $75 (Scouts only) -This fee is paid to the Scouts BSA and is used to register the Scout from January to December.

Adult National Dues: $45 (Leaders only) -This fee is paid to the Scouts BSA and registers the adult from January through December.


Troop Fee: $25 (Scouts only) – Troop 564 charges an annual Troop fee to cover the cost of running the Troop, training, advancement, and program costs. An additional $25 fee may be due in July (based on the mid-year review of the Troop budget by the Committee).

Scout Life: $15 (optional for scouts) - This fee covers the Scouts BSA's monthly magazine. It’s a great magazine that reinforces Scouting and the good family values that are part of our program. Registration for Scout Life is optional. For more information, visit

These costs can be paid by:

  • Cash
  • Check (made out to Troop 564 with the Scout’s name written in the memo field)
  • Scout Account (see below)

You can also choose to make monthly payments.


Each Scout has their own "account" with the Troop where their earnings from fundraising are added. This individual balance allows the scout to pay for their outdoor adventures as needed. Parents may also add to their Scout's Account at any time. Please speak to the treasurer for further details.


Troop 564 strives to find innovative and successful fundraising opportunities. Please bring us your ideas!

**Spring Bulbs** As of 2/14/23 we are planning to sell Spring bulbs. Stay tuned for more details!