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Dress Codes

All things you need to know about the Scouts BSA uniform, Troop 564 policies, and all the etiquette requirements surrounding both. This info is available in your Troop 564 Handbook.

Written on Friday, February 24, 2023
  • Regular Meetings - Labor Day to Memorial Day

    • Modified Class "A" Uniforms:

      • For regular troop meetings and campouts, a partial uniform consisting of the Scouts BSA Long or Short sleeved shirt, Scouts BSA Handbook, pocket-sized notepad, and pen/pencil is acceptable. Scout-appropriate pants and/or shorts are at your discretion. A BSA, Troop, or Patrol hat is optional.
  • Regular Meetings - Memorial Day to Labor Day

    • Class “B” Uniform: 

      • The Class B uniform consists of a Troop, Patrol, or other Scouts BSA t-shirt, Scout-appropriate pants or shorts, and an optional scouting cap. Even though this uniform is not as official looking as the Class A uniform, it is still required to be worn clean, pressed, tucked in, and worn with pride.
  • Formal Meetings and Ceremonies

    Court of Honor, Crossovers, Scoutmaster conference, Flag Retirement ceremony, or Board of Review or other Ceremonies or Events

    • Class “A” Uniform: 

      • The Class A uniform consists of the Scout Long or Short sleeved shirt, Scout pants or Scout shorts (if shorts are worn, you must wear Scout socks), scout belt and buckle. The neckerchief and sash are added to the Class A uniform during Ceremonies, Court of Honors, and other special functions when announced. BSA, Troop, or Patrol hat is optional.

        Do your best to wear your Class A uniform clean, ironed, and with your shirt tucked in. A picture of the Class A uniform, with the proper insignia (patch) locations, can be found inside the front and back covers of the Boy Scout Hand Book. This online store is a good resource for the Class A uniform:
  • Camping

    • Modified Class "A" for Travel & weather-appropriate clothing thereafter

      • We travel in uniform, which means we leave for camping dressed in Class "A" uniform.
      • For the remainder of the camping trip, please dress in weather-appropriate clothing.
  • Special Activities

    • Assume Class "A" Uniforms

      • Adjustments to the uniform requirements are made for special activities or circumstances and will be determined by the Troop Adult Leaders. If you are unsure, please ask your SPL!