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This article will contain the essential "need to know" info when your scout decides to join Troop 564

Written by John Bourassa on Friday, February 24, 2023

When transitioning from Cubscouts to Scouts BSA, parents should finally be able to take a breath... whew! You earned break! Cubscouts has a bit of "hand-holding" where the Adult Leaders and Parents can very involved in guiding their scouts to success. In Scouts BSA, the Troop you are entering into should be more like a well-oiled machine. The Scouts themselves are now in charge of their success and they will learn how to rely on their fellow Scout Leadership as well as some Adult Leadership.

If you are not yet sure what to expect in the Scouts BSA, here is some General Troop Information

Our Troop is looking for Parents to be the Leaders you want your Scout to look up to. If you have experience or skills to offer for the Troop, please speak up to any existing Adult Leader or attend our monthly Committee Meeting held at 7pm the Wednesday after the monthly PLC Meeting (which is typically the at 6:20pm, the first Tuesday of the month)

How to Give Your Scout Access to Scoutbook

Social Media. Yes, we have a Facebook page, but no, it is not updated very frequently. Adult Leaders and Parents decided they would rather collaborate on Band. Band is an app and a more private social media group. Photo albums with videos, calendars, and text chat for adults only are all here:

Here comes the paperwork... To ensure all costs are covered, forms are filled out, and documents are signed, please read, fill out, and turn in the following:

Have your Scout read the docs in this article to familiarize themselves with Troop 564: