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Scouts BSA is a fun and exciting program that builds character, teaches responsibility, cultivates citizenship, and develops personal fitness. This program provides the framework to support and help young Scouts grow and mature into responsible adults. Troop 564 was founded and remains focused on teaching the scouting principles through active outdoor programs under the leadership of a Scout-run troop.

This Scout-run organization teaches the Scouts personal responsibility and how to communicate their ideas and problems to their peers, and develops leadership skills as they grow. The Scouts are organized into patrols of similar-aged Scouts and each elects their individual patrol leaders. The Patrol Leaders’ Council meets monthly to plan troop activities and the weekly troop meetings.

It is important for the scouts to make their own decisions and let those plans run their course even when it may be apparent to adults that the results may be less than fully successful. They will make mistakes. It is from those mistakes that they will learn and grow. As parents, it is important to take a step back and watch the Scouts develop both maturity and important life skills.

During meetings and Troop events, adult leaders remain in close proximity, monitoring the Scouts and validating progress toward rank advancement. Adult leaders will step in and redirect or provide guidance to the Scouts when it becomes apparent that they are not exhibiting Scouting principles. Otherwise, the adult leaders will stand by and support the Scouts as they make their decisions and help them work through any issues that come from those decisions.

It is also important to remember that each Scout will progress through their Scout skills and ranks at their own pace based on personal motivation, work habits, and goals. This is an individual choice and each Scout must set and reach their own goals.

Troop 564’s Scout-led emphasis on an active outdoor program provides Scouts the greatest opportunity to become outstanding and responsible adults.

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