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New Scout Guide

Sat Feb 25 2023

A list of articles, sites, and docs

Please fill out all of these forms WELL BEFORE Long-term camp. Some require your PCP to fill out so please plan ahead! These will need to be refreshed annually.

Welcome to the Troop! Here are the basics that you should know

These things need to be done once you join Troop 564. (Dollar figures and dates subject to change)

External Links

Sat Feb 25 2023

Useful sites you should check out

Did you know that you and your scout can monitor your scout's rank advancement progress through Scoutbook? Read this short article to find out how to give your scout access to Scoutbook.

Youth Leadership Positions Overview

By updated by John Bourassa on Fri Feb 24 2023

Troop elections are held approx. every 6 months. Holding a troop position is required for the Star, Life, and Eagle ranks. Please read this article to learn about the different positions you can hold in the Troop.

Dress Codes

Fri Feb 24 2023

All things you need to know about the Scouts BSA uniform, Troop 564 policies, and all the etiquette requirements surrounding both. This info is available in your Troop 564 Handbook.

Merit Badge Overview

Fri Feb 24 2023

Scouts need to accumulate at least 21 merit badges before earning the Eagle Scout rank. Of those 21 badges, 14 must come from this list of Eagle-required merit badges and the rest can be any badges not used for these 14.

Adult Leadership Guide

By John Bourassa on Fri Feb 24 2023

So you want to be an Adult Leader in Troop 564? Great! This article will give you everything you need to know about how to become a Adult Leader.

Parent's Guide

By John Bourassa on Fri Feb 24 2023

This article will contain the essential "need to know" info when your scout decides to join Troop 564